Year 1 Phonics

Analysis of Phonics data in KS1

Year 1 Phonics

Year 1 Phonics Test 2017 Summary

We are very pleased with our progress this year.



Cohort Information

Since leaving Reception class the cohort has been joined by 7 new pupils, of which 3 have SENds and 2 are INA with no English.  5 children have left the cohort.  It was anticipated that 4 of these would have passed the Phonics test. 37% of the cohort are in receipt of PPG.


Results without the INAs

77% pass


Group results without INAs

Boys/Girls–    69% of boys passed.  100% of girls passed.

SENds– no children with SENds passed but 1 did fall within 1 mark of passing.

PPG– 80% of PPG children passed the test.

HA– 100% of HA passed the test with the highest score.

EAL but not INAs– 100% passed the test