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Our Prefects

All children have talents and dreams.  Their perspective on our school experience may be very different to ours and so we value their opinions and ideas.
We like to involve the children in all aspects of school life, including making key decisions and planning so that the school is centred around them, their learning and progress.
Every year all children will have a chance to be a School Council members, Prefects, Eco Team members or indeed one of the many “monitor” jobs that we have across the school.   Always encourage your child to put themselves forward and also remind them, as we have, that if they don’t get a special job at the moment, they will have a chance at a later point to take on a special role.    We want every child to have the experience, during their time at Washacre Primary School, of having a special role and responsibility and so we really need to encourage the children to keep striving to do their very best in all ways!

Our prefects are here to help out around the school; they conduct a range of jobs such as helping out in the office, supervising at lunch time and they also support the younger children during playtimes. They were all chosen to represent the school as a result of their excellent manners, their positive attitudes and their fantastic attitude towards learning.
You can spot the prefects easily as they are all wearing a purple jumper.

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