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School Uniform

In order to maintain a strong sense of identity and belonging within our school, we require all pupils to wear our school uniform which consists of;

  • Navy blue zip-up fleece with school logo (optional if children are wearing a jumper, cardigan or sweatshirt)
  • Navy blue sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo
  • Pale blue polo shirt (logo optional)
  • Grey trousers – no jeans
  • Grey skirt
  • Grey pinafore
  • Grey, black or white socks or tights – plain, no patterns
  • Black, flat sensible, safe, shoes, heels to be no higher than 4cm inclusive of any platform

Summer Uniform

  • Grey shorts
  • Gingham dresses – blue

Where to buy Washacre school uniform

Our local supplier for uniform with the correct Washacre school logo is:

Rainbow School Wear, 50 Church St, Westhoughton, Bolton, Lancashire, BL5 3RS

Tel. 01942 816003

In addition to this, plain blue polo t-shirts, grey trousers, grey shorts, grey skirts, grey pinafores and blue summer dresses can be found in most well known supermarkets.

PE Kit

  • White t-Shirt or polo shirt
  • Plain navy shorts
  • Navy jogging bottoms for outdoor games during milder weather.
  • Trainers for outdoor games only – these may be worn during breaks and lunch.
  • Black plimsolls for indoor PE – this is for health and safety reasons – outdoor trainers not permitted indoors.


  • It is encouraged that pupils do not wear jewellery to school, especially as individuals become very upset if a treasured piece of jewellery goes missing.
  • Should a pupil have pierced ears, plain studs should only be worn and in order to comply with health and safety regulations. During PE activities, these must be covered with a plaster or removed – children must be taught how to do this themselves.

Please note that the school will be unable to take any responsibility for any jewellery that is lost.


  • Watches may be worn to school. However, they must be removed and collected by the class teacher before any PE lessons and kept in a container for safe storage.

Please note that the school will be unable to take any responsibility for any watches that are lost.


  • We encourage hair to be neat and tidy, worn with no extremes of style or colour
  • Children should not have spiked hairstyles or shaved lines
  • Long hair should be tied back at all times, especially during Physical Education lessons for safety
  • Hair bobbles and hair bands must be sensible and reflect the colours of the school uniform.


Please make sure your child has:

  • School Book Bags to carry reading books and homework
  • PE bag to carry PE equipment
  • Some children will require a packed lunch bag also.

Please do not bring to school:

  • Medicine. No medicine should ever be brought to school by a child ~ all medicines to be handed in via the office with relevant forms filled in