Keeping your children safe is our top priority.


At Washacre Primary School we take safeguarding, child protection and children’s health very seriously.

It is our duty of care to make sure that any concerns we have about the well-being of a child are investigated or that any medical needs a child has are met.

Sometimes this means uncomfortable discussions with parents/carers about different things but as with everything at Washacre, children come first and we want to help in the best way we can. Help you and help your child.

We use the Bolton  Local Authority ‘Safeguarding and Child Protection’ policy and review this annually. The Local authority policy is written in line with Latest DfE guidance for schools and has been overseen by the Local Children’s Safeguarding Board. We have put a Parents Safeguarding Policy on our website in the Safeguarding Section. For more information about Bolton and safeguarding, please click here.

At Washacre Primary School, all staff  have regular training regarding Safeguarding and Child Protection. We are compliant with statutory training. The headteacher is a member of Bolton’s Safeguarding Committee.

Staff and volunteer recruitment follows strict vetting and barring procedures.

All new staff, students and volunteers are aware of our safeguarding procedures via our induction procedures.

Any incidents/Accidents that occur in school are investigated immediately and measures put in place. Accidents happen but we are constantly vigilant and addressing our procedures and the behaviour of pupils. Governors monitor this part of their responsibility for the school.

The school site is secure and safe. Our procedures and risk assessments are monitored by ther headteacher, Governors and LA Health and Safety team to ensure that this is not compromised.

If you ever wish to seek help you are welcome to come and talk to any of the staff, whom ever you feel most comfortable with.

Please click the links below to view our safeguarding policies.

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