Bolton Data Pack

Bolton Data Pack 2016

Bolton Data Pack 2016 – Headlines

Early Years

54% of the children achieved a Good Level of Development (GLD) which remains the same as last academic year, despite having a larger class with more Special Educational Needs than in previous years.

Girls made stronger progress than boys which mirrors the trend in Bolton. Between 2014 and 2016, girls have improved in overall GLD in Moving and Handling, Communication, Language and Listening, Managing Feelings and Behaviours, Literacy, Maths, Understanding the World and Being Imaginative.

In the next year we intend to purchase more ‘Boy Friendly’ books and other resources.

The progress of children who have Free School Meals has improved over the last academic year as has that of children who have Special Educational Needs.

In some aspects the children at Washacre exceeded the results gained elsewhere, for example in Listening, Understanding, Confidence, Awareness of Feelings and Behaviour.

There are some aspects which we want to improve over the coming year, for example, Numeracy, Writing, Imagination and Understanding the World.

Washacre ranked 79 out of 102 schools, so clearly we wish to improve our position next summer.


Year 1 Phonics Test

68% of the 2015-16 cohort passed the phonics screen test in June 2016.

 25% of children were secure at phase 3 at the end of their Reception year which shows a significant increase in achievement. 20 of the Y1 children were at Washacre at the end of Reception, 5 joined the cohort late in Year 1.

Our pass result demonstrated good progress given the children’s starting points.

We hope next year to improve our scores and are providing intensive Phonics sessions to children.


Key Stage 1 SATs Tests

Results for Key Stage 1 increased in Writing, Maths and in Reading, Writing and Maths combined this year compared to the previous year. The opposite was experienced by many schools in Bolton.  This was a very small group of children with a high number of barriers to learning.

Boys scored better in Reading, Maths and Science whilst girls did better in Writing.

For our most disadvantaged children there was an improvement in their outcomes compared to the previous year.

38% scored Expected in all three subjects, which is a better outcome than previously.

We intend to focus attention on the progress of girls in Reading and Maths and boys in Writing.


Key Stage 2 SATs Tests

There was a dip in the results this year, which is mirrored by other Bolton schools and in school nationally. It is thought to be as a result of a having more demanding curriculum and new challenging tests.

In our school the strongest outcome was in Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (60%). Our next strongest result was Maths with 52% of the cohort achieving a Expected.  Reading was the next strongest at 44% and then Writing at 36%

It was a tricky task raising results with the arrival of a number of children part way through the year.

For the next year we intend to improve our scores and have introduced new teachers to Upper Key Stage 2 as well as delivering intervention (catch up) programmes for Reading, Phonics, Writing and Maths.